Looking to move for more space? In today’s housing market, many are finding that it makes more sense to add on to the home they already own.

Adding space to your existing home can take several forms. Depending on the contractor or where you are, some of these terms can be interchangeable:

3 Season Room or Sun Room Most often, this means covering up a patio or deck to create a comfortable, protected living area that can extend the seasons for enjoyment.

Build-Out or Extension – Also often called an addition, this refers to building out horizontally, increasing the footprint of the home. It usually means building the main floor out onto the backyard. Sometimes the foundation is extended as well to increase the basement square footage. Extra living rooms, a new kitchen or bedroom are all common home extensions that can add immense functionality to the home. Skylights or cathedral ceilings can often be accommodated.

Floor Addition – Adding an extra floor. Sometimes building upwards makes sense to add a second floor onto a bungalow, or to add a third floor. It’s important to keep in mind that the main floor will loose square footage to a staircase if there wasn’t one there before.

CDC can build any type of addition or extension to your home. Contact us for more details, and see examples of projects here.

We can guide you on what is likely to be required for permits in your city, and outline the best plan to move forward for your situation.