There are new ways to modernize your home to take advantage of wonderful technologies as well as save money on energy.

Smart Home Technology:

A renovation or new build is a perfect time to install Smart Home technology. CDC has the expertise and access to the latest technology for getting connected to the “Internet of Things”.
Some of the benefits of being connected:

  • Energy Savings by controlling temperature and lighting while the homeowner is out, or not in the room.
  • Increased Security – You can keep an eye on things, even setting up a control centre where you can watch multiple screens from multiple security cameras. If you forgot to lock the door,for example, you can do it from work or from another floor.
  • Higher Value – When reselling a property, automation is a huge bonus, as the new homeowners won’t have to open up walls to install all the features they want.
  • Enjoy Entertainment More – You can have a music and entertainment system all coordinated to your smart phone.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to leave the room to check on things, or make adjustments.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Thanks to very advanced technology and materials, making your home energy efficient is within reach.People are looking for ways to minimize their footprint on the planet, and do less harm to the environment. Choosing more energy efficient options is a win-win, as savings can add up over the life of the home.
Here are some of the ways CDC can create a home that consumes less and saves more:
• Energy-saving windows and doors
• Programmable thermostats
• Latest in insulation
• Low VOC paint and varnish
• LED lighting
• High-efficiency furnace and air conditioner
• Heated Floors
• Dual flush toilets and low flow showers
• Green roof and living wall installation