Form follows function. Design is more than aesthetics. Good design will elevate interiors into living space that flows well and is a balanced oasis for the senses.

Interior design encompasses structural elements, mouldings and frames, lighting, and finishes.
Our approach to design hinges on collaboration and good communication. We will happily work with your preferred designer, or you can confidently work with our team at CDC to pull together beautiful finishes, fixtures and materials.
We offer design and decor services so you can work with us to select beautiful finishes and choose the best lighting for your space.

CDC’s Interior professionals will:

  • Assess the space based on the client’s needs
  • Create and present visual concepts using software, in accordance with codes and standards
  • Advise on finish selections and present colour options
  • Collaborate with the technical trades to ensure structural and mechanical needs are met and make sense
  • Collect estimates and negotiate contracts,
  • Procure any needed fixtures, appliances, furnishings, materials and paint
  • Oversee implementation and guide the trades team, obtaining client approval through the process

Form + Function

The way we live informs our spaces. Our philosophy is that no room is for special occasions only; life is a special occasion.

Procurement and beyond

We offer the following interior design services, in addition to managing your renovation project:

  • Space Planning and CAD Drafting – 3D visualization and floorplans
  • Cabinet, mouldings, frames and millwork (banisters, balconies, indoor/outdoor flow plans, stair finishes)
  • Lighting Plans and procuring fixtures
  • Material Selections
  • Interior + Exterior Colour Consultations for paint, wallpaper, stain, tiling and stone work

Beautiful Finishes, Unexpected Touches

Good interior design brings with it an awareness of the senses – how do we interact with sound, touch, sight? What will give that bit of joy in our daily lives? Design responds to, and informs, the way we live.