A successful construction project is the result of a central project manager who becomes your trusted professional. Being organized from Day One will save money and move your project forward.

Regardless of your stage or who you are working with, you need a project manager you can trust to pull it all together.
At CDC we understand that you may be working with separate, preferred professionals such as a designer, architect, finance expert, even your own contractor. Did you know you can engage us for project management as a separate service on a monthly basis? It’s our specialty.

Here are many of the things our Project Manager does:

  • Obtain estimates and present a variety of quotes to the client
  • Obtain permits and manage all stages of working with the city from land surveys and by-law adherence, and work with city planners through all inspections and approvals
  • Ensure every milestone stage is properly managed: From preparing the footing, foundation, framing, then covering, brickwork, and roofing through to drywall and interior finishing all the way to procuring fixtures and furnishings.
  • Work with the HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors to ensure seamless delivery and technical installation is carried out to Ontario BuildingCode, all the while watching that WSIB safety practices are followed.
  • Manage the project starting from finding and purchasing property, or from when the client is ready to break ground, or demolish.
  • Give an architect’s perspective: Having an architectural designer managing the project is a major asset as he can advise on the spot when decisions need to be made, saving time and money
  • Collaborate with the client, their financial and legal professionals, architect, engineer, and the designers to ensure all parties are working toward a common goal for the client.

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